Orthodontic Roadmap to Success

As we highlight our favorite projects of 2013, this one is certainly at the top of our list.  When our client, Southeast Orthodontics, wanted a new way to educate patients during their orthodontic treatment, we started thinking “outside the box” and enjoyed the opportunity to get a little creative with this project.

The Challenge
At our initial brainstorming session, we learned that patients were leaving their initial consultation with a USB filled with orthodontic videos, but what was lacking was a clear understanding as to the contents of the drive and any incentive to load it up on their computer when they went home.  Med-Marketers was faced with the challenge: How do we entice young patients to educate themselves about their upcoming orthodontic treatment using this USB drive?

A Roadmap to SuccessRoadmap to Success
After brainstorming ideas, it was pretty clear that the videos served as the perfect ”roadmap” for orthodontic treatment.  Containing videos like, “Parts of Braces”, “How to Use Wax”, “Brushing with Braces” and “Foods to Avoid.”  We also knew that patients who educated themselves at the beginning of treatment would certainly have a better outcome as they were able to prepare and focus on keeping their mouth healthy with braces on. Education + better outcomes = happy patients (which lead to more positive word of mouth referrals).  We began developing the “map” that would start with “how to’s” at the beginning of treatment, “dead end’s” focusing on the signs of poor hygiene and foods to avoid, and the dangers of heading into “Problemsville,” where broken brackets, loose bands and poking wires are a problem.  After including all the important videos a patient would benefit from during treatment, we created the colorful imagery and fun, cartoon-like characters to add a whimsical feeling to the finished product.

Delivery and Implementation
The final piece was printed by our preferred print vendor, Choice Graphics of Rowley.  The vibrant colors on hard stock look fantastic, and each card contains a hole to attach the USB drive.  Now the videos and the “Roadmap to Success” provide a purposeful, unique and engaging way to educate patients on their impending orthodontic journey.

Interactive RoadmapInteractive Roadmap
With a new website that launched the previous year, Southeast Orthodontics was prepared to take their newly created educational tools online. Our team developed an interactive “Roadmap to Success” where patients can view the educational videos directly from their website, and the video views can be tracked accordingly.

Southeast Orthodontics

Printed Roadmap to Success Cards


Entice young patients to educate themselves about their upcoming orthodontic treatment.

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