Using Success Stories to Connect with Your Patients

Success StoriesOne of the best ways to market your medical practice is to connect with patients. Patients who feel comfortable with your staff and practice are more likely to share their positive experiences with others and refer new patients to your business.

If you’re looking for fresh content ideas for your marketing, or are just looking to connect on a deeper level with patients, sharing success stories about your medical practice is an ideal way to show patients that you are compassionate about your business, and about serving your local community.

Here are four simple ways you can share stories about your health practice via online medical marketing campaigns:

1. Collect Success Stories from your staff

When patients consider doing business with your medical practice, they will spend an ample amount of time researching your business before they even make their first appointment. During their research, prospective patients will browse through your website and social sites, viewing testimonials and reviews about your business. “Success Stories” about your patients could be a great addition to your website, because it not only shows how successful your practice can be at treating certain patients, but it shows that you sincerely care about the outcome and about the patient’s happiness.

For example, if you run an orthopedic practice, encourage your staff members to share the most memorable stories about patients who underwent (hip, leg or wrist) surgery and are now back to a healthy, active lifestyle. If you run an orthodontic practice, you could share how a patients’ new smile helped them overcome interview anxiety and helped them land that perfect job.

2. Turn success stories into blogs about patients

Find ways to turn each positive story into an inspiring blog post that highlights how your medical practice helped a patient overcome a certain ailment or condition. Pretty soon, you’ll notice that new patients will be drawn to these success stories and will contact your practice for a consultation. For legality purposes, avoid being too specific about certain patients and refrain from using the names of your patients in your blogs at all costs.

3. Turn social media complaints into happy endings

Most medical practices often dread having to address complaints on social media, but most also fail to realize that addressing complaints publicly in this manner can really make your practice shine. Think about a patient complaint as the beginning of a story that already has a happy ending. Those who can see a patient’s story unfold on social media will be impressed by how you manage the complaint and are able to turn it into a positive experience for the patient.

4. Highlight patients in your practice newsletter

A quarterly newsletter is the perfect opportunity to share news about your practice.  Along with relevant practice news, choosing a “patient of the quarter” is a great way to highlight patients during treatment. This is an opportunity for you to share the typical patient experience at your practice.  Prospective patients may identify with patients that successfully faced similar health challenges and begin looking forward to their own treatment, thus creating a positive outlook prior to the initial consultation.

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About Wendy Hamel

As co-founder of Med-Marketers, and serving as Director of Client Programs, Wendy is directly responsible for guiding creative strategy and overall execution on client services for the company. Wendy has over 15 years of marketing and management experience serving technology, healthcare and retail. Prior to Med-Marketers, Wendy was the Director of Marketing at RAID, Inc. where she was instrumental in developing brand awareness and business development programs that helped the company transition into new markets and exceed vertical revenue goals. For the last 5 years, Wendy’s direct focus has been practice consulting and strategic marketing for orthodontists, orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, dentists and primary care physicians within the Greater Boston area.

Her areas of expertise include patient file development, field marketing, online marketing, public relations, social media strategy, web design, SEO and collateral design.

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