Ahead of the Curve: Redesigning Your Website in 2019

Think of your favorite website—we’ll give you a second. Can you see it? What do you like about it? If you took the specific content out and replaced it with anything at all, would you still like it? If the answer is yes, this means that this particular website stands out to you because of something in the design. Whether it’s the color scheme, organization, minimalism, or pleasing speed of the scroll-through, something about this site is visually intriguing. 

Now how would you like for your own website to have the same effect on someone else? You don’t need to be a design firm or social media platform to possess a visually stimulating website. But before you make a website wish list with all the whiz-bang elements and add-ons available, let us present some of the top website trends to be aware of going into 2019. Then we can talk about building the website of your dreams!

Mobile-first optimization

These days, most internet users are experiencing websites on their phones. They’re on the go, in transit, multitasking, and need information ASAP. They can’t afford to wait until they get home, boot up the PC, and navigate their way to your site. Consider that many, if not most, first-time visitors to your business will do so on their phones. Building a website that keeps this in mind is crucial in 2019. During the design process, if something that looks fine on the computer screen looks wonky in the mobile view, we can adjust to make the mobile view look intentional and well-thought-out. Whether they realize it consciously or not, this attention to detail will instill confidence in your current and future smartphone-using clients. 

Video headers & micro-animation   

When deployed judiciously, video on a website can lend a dynamic and compelling edge to a user’s experience. Think welcome videos, entertaining origin stories, or responsive animation that draws users’ eyes to important navigation buttons. If these videos include crucial information as well as interesting visuals, they can sometimes tell users all they need to know on a quick site visit. Keep in mind that users can tell the difference between necessary and gratuitous site elements, and can get easily overwhelmed by too much content, so the keyword when using video is moderation. In a similar vein, micro-animations can be a fun and informative element, but exercise restraint so that users do not become distracted and navigate away from your site out of irritation. We can have fun with it! 


Don’t worry, you don’t need to resurrect your knowledge of isosceles and Y axes for this part. No doubt you’ve seen a website out there that utilizes color blocking and background shapes to great effect, whether to draw readers’ eyes around the page, or to divide bodies of text. This visual trick does not have to be rocket science. We can take your business’s color themes, organize your site content so it makes sense and flows nicely, and lay out a landscape that pleases the eye without overstimulating. Minimalism is another key trend to be aware of that goes hand-in-hand with site symmetry and visual geometry. If you need ideas of what looks great and what to avoid, take a look at some of Wix.com’s pre-loaded designs. We don’t have to use them, but they’re a great source of inspiration. 

Now that you’ve got some crucial tips for building or revamping your website in 2019, it’s time to start filling it with the good stuff—all that you and your business have to offer! And for every next step, you know where to find us. 

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