Rebranding 101: Starting from Scratch?

When embarking on a rebrand, one key factor stands out above all the rest: consistency, consistency, consistency. Whether you are giving a long-standing brand a facelift, altering the direction of your business, or targeting an evolving audience, syncing your design and voice across all platforms is essential.

Moving Content

Consumers are more willing to watch a video about a product rather than read about it, which takes time, effort, and concentration. In this day and age, anything that saves time and brain space wins! And video as a marketing tool sure falls into that category.

Print is So Not Dead

How many times have you heard the foreboding words “Print is dead” in the past year? The past five years? Ten? (Are you sensing a theme?) No matter how often this chilling phrase is uttered, it never quite seems true. Sure, newspaper giants have folded, retailers have gone completely digital, and there are folks alive…

So You Want to Rebrand…

You’re thinking of rebranding your business: you’ve expanded your offerings, your field is changing, you feel that your current branding is no longer speaking to you or your clients. Coming up with a new logo and website overhaul sounds fun, but before you go hog-wild with the color swatches, read these 8 tips first!

Marketing your Medical Practice in 2014 – Tip #6

It is estimated that it takes five or more encounters with your practice’s name for it to be recognized. Your name should appear anywhere potential patients would look. That means at least the minimal listing information in all the appropriate categories of various publications, including the local phone book, online directories, online physician-listing services and search engines.