Showing Gratitude: A Line-up of Our Favorite Marketing Tools

If you’re stuck in a marketing rut and wondering how better to reach and attract clients, rest assured: there are countless tools that will help you get there.


Time for a New Website?

When you consider that 80% of people look for healthcare information online, it’s even more important that your practice website is looking and performing at its best. How many patients are you missing out on by not being optimized for patients searching online? How many potential patients reach your website and then keep searching because it needs a fresh coat of paint?

Orthodontic Roadmap to Success

As we highlight our favorite projects of 2013, this one is certainly at the top of our list. When our client, Southeast Orthodontics, wanted a new way to educate patients during their orthodontic treatment, we started thinking “outside the box” and enjoyed the opportunity to get a little creative…

SEO or SEM –what’s the difference?

Although some may tell you the two terms are interchangeable, the truth is there is a difference and I am here to tell you that it really isn’t too complicated to understand.  Medical practice owners are often confused by the terms “search engine optimization” vs. “search engine marketing” and are left wondering which should take…