Marketing Your Medical Practice in 2014 – Tip #4

We all know that word of mouth is the best advertising. When a patient visits your office for the first time and tells you who sent her, send the referring patient a nice handwritten thank you note.


Marketing your Medical Practice in 2014: Tip #2

Every business owner understands the tremendous cost involved in acquiring a customer. So when that customer (or, patient in your case) seems to disappear from the face of the earth without letting you know why, you need to find out what happened. Give them a call, or send them a series of follow-up and informational emails. These efforts do pay off, and are worth your time. Help your patients understand that you care, and that you would like to see them again. Sometimes just a friendly reminder and phone call will be all it takes to get a patient in your office again, and back on track with their health.

Marketing your Medical Practice in 2014: Tip #1

It’s time, once again to focus on new goals and resolutions. As the new year begins, so do many marketing projects. Every other week I will be updating the Med-Marketers blog with a marketing tip that will help you to think outside the box, plan strategically and ultimately get you some new patients. Click to read tip #1

Orthodontic Roadmap to Success

As we highlight our favorite projects of 2013, this one is certainly at the top of our list. When our client, Southeast Orthodontics, wanted a new way to educate patients during their orthodontic treatment, we started thinking “outside the box” and enjoyed the opportunity to get a little creative…