Marketing your Medical Practice in 2014: Tip #1

It’s time, once again to focus on new goals and resolutions. As the new year begins, so do many marketing projects. Every other week I will be updating the Med-Marketers blog with a marketing tip that will help you to think outside the box, plan strategically and ultimately get you some new patients. Click to read tip #1


5 Must-Do’s to Successfully Market Your Medical Practice in 2014

While many doctors, dentists, and hospitals recognize the need to market their medical practice, the biggest challenges are developing the actual medical marketing strategy and budget, and tracking the results. Have you been “putting off” ideas because you don’t have the resources internally to execute them?

SEO and Online Marketing for Medical Practices – Part I

Sure, you’ve been asked from time to time from fellow colleagues about how you manage your website and heard the word SEO being thrown around, but the concept of SEO seems so complex, that you have moved it to the bottom of your to-do list over and over again.  So let’s start at the beginning.…