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The Importance of Local Search for Medical Practices

How are people finding businesses today? The majority certainly aren’t picking up the paper, reading magazines or flipping through the phone book to find you. The internet has become the preferred tool for gathering information, resources and contact information for local products and services.

SEO and Online Marketing for Medical Practices – Part II

Let’s take a look at Part II – some of the basic steps you need to take in order to leverage the power of SEO and Online Marketing as part of your overall strategy to increase your patient flow. 4. Content is Key—Keywords that is…. Here is another opportunity to use that list of keywords.…

SEO or SEM –what’s the difference?

Although some may tell you the two terms are interchangeable, the truth is there is a difference and I am here to tell you that it really isn’t too complicated to understand.  Medical practice owners are often confused by the terms “search engine optimization” vs. “search engine marketing” and are left wondering which should take…